Case Laws

Authentic unreported case laws/court decisions/precedents in Tanzania are always in a very high demand but extremely hard to find. Much demand is in litigation and academia. As a result, we decided to create this platform so as to make those materials easily available for everybody, locally and internationally. Collecting, digesting and sharing case laws (value addition process) is one of our greatest passions, that is why it is possible for us to comfortably do this task regardless of its many difficulties.

We are happy that this initiative is a chance for us to make our contribution in advancing the Tanzanian jurisprudence in countless ways.

A copy of each decision can be easily downloaded from its respective link, subject to payment of a very small contribution which will be used in making this work sustainable. Payment procedure is very simple and you can access it here

Please note that you need to create an account first so as to be able to complete the payment and download a decision of your choice. The account creation process is very fast, smooth and simple. All you need to do is to follow the few instructions and you will be done.

If you encounter any obstacles please contact us through and we will attend you as fast as we can.

Welcome, enjoy the reading and thank you in advance for your support.

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